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A Message from Pastor Sue



So here we are, in the Season of Lent.  This is a season of waiting and hoping … a time during which we search for the meaning of life and our place in the world.  This is a season in which we come face to face with our sinful nature and are called to repent.  A season in which we meditate on God’s Word, hoping to find those pearls of wisdom that will help us make sense out of our lives.  A season in which we prepare our hearts to receive God’s gift of grace in the death, resurrection, and ascension of Jesus Christ. 

 A friend recently shared the following reflection from Steve Garnaas-Holmes, Unfolding Light, that I offer for your reflection. 


“Lent is when we go downstairs, 

down into the basement of our souls, 

into the dark, dingy, dirty places, 

and clear out the junk we need to get rid of. 


In Lent we don't need to beat ourselves up. 

We need to lighten our load, 

bag up those fears and desires 

that are leaking all over everything, 

take our guilt and shame out to the curb. 


It's not easy to lay our hands on broken things, 

to look deep into the gummed up works. 

That's why Jesus shines with his light, 

shines so we can see our way down into the dark, 

see to lift up the junk and hand it over, 

so he can haul it out into the light 

of the dumpster. 


The light Jesus shines is good with dark places, 

so we know even from the deepest hole down there we'll come out.  

The light will lead us. We'll be OK. 


Mucking around down there we get dirty, 

and we come up with grime on our hands 

and ashes on our foreheads for everybody to see. 

But we're free of all that blame and disappointment. 

And the darkest, deepest cellar hole 

becomes an empty tomb.” 


Wishing you many blessings on your Lenten journey,  

Pastor Sue 

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