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A Message from Pastor Sue


September Greetings! 


As I was sitting on the beach earlier this week digging my feet into the sand, a cool, refreshing breeze reminded me that the lazy days of summer are about to come to an end.  I will confess that this does not bother me in the least.  I love the fall…it is my favorite time of year!  A time of new beginnings.  A time to look forward to a brand-new school year, and a brand-new church year.  There are all kinds of things to look forward to … our return to our sanctuary for worship on September 3th followed by our BBQ on September 10th.  Then on October 4th our Bible/Book Study group will resume, and on October 8th we will have a World Communion Sunday Worship at the Brookville Church.  Other things to look forward to in October are the fall rummage sale, opening of our thrift store, which Sharon and Jake Reilly have been working feverishly to set up, and the Blessing of the Animals.  

 I hope you enjoy these last days of summer!  I’m so looking forward to seeing you soon! 

 Blessings, Pastor Sue  

  O Come Sweet Autumn 


May your leaves 

Dance in the sunlight 

of delight and shadows 

that play and rest 

in celebration 

of the colors of life. 


Come like new wine 

pouring out her songs 

of healing peace 

overflowing our souls 


Come sweet autumn 

Come swirling 

Around my feet 

In stillness caught 

like starlight thoughts 

on the winds of heaven 

to rest upon my heart. 


O come sweet Autumn 

Come whisper 

in the stillness 

of glory and rest 

deep peace 

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