When our loved ones leave this life for another life, we experience sorrow at their loss, and also celebrate the life they lived. Our faith teaches that death is not the end. We will accompany you in making arrangements to honor the life and memory of your loved ones.
If you need support managing your feelings and emotions following the death of a loved one or if you would like to make funeral or memorial arrangements, please contact Valerie Siliato via e-mail or by phone at 516.676.6130.

We recognize marriage as an expression of God’s love for us. This love is manifested when couples chose to marry, pledging their love and promising fidelity to each other, as long as they both shall live. When a couple chooses to marry in a church, they make their solemn promises in the presence of God, as well as before their family, friends and community.

Your wedding ceremony, as an act of worship, will acknowledge marriage as a gracious gift from God, placing the primary focus on God's blessing of the covenant being established. For more information about weddings at the Reformed Church of Locust Valley, please click here.

Life Events

The church is a place where we gather as a community, not only for public worship, but for the celebrations of our lives.  Whether it is the occasion of a wedding or a service of remembrance for a loved one, our church is available with open arms and open hearts. 


Baptism marks publically the beginning of a life of faith and service and welcomes believers into the body of Christ. It makes the promises of God clearer. This sacrament is a reminder that we are a part of a larger whole – connected to the Triune God and to each other as the community of faith. Baptism sets us apart and marks us as God’s own forever. Equally important is the witness Baptism makes to God’s promise to be our God forever.

Baptisms here are celebrated within the worshipping community on Sunday mornings. We baptize infants, children, and adults because our Reformed tradition believes that God claims us as God’s own before we have words. If you would like to be baptized, or have a child to be baptized, please contact Valerie Siliato at or by phone at 516.676.6130.


Although Sundays are the most important day in the life of our church, the church is very much alive the rest of the week. You may wonder what happens behind the scenes during a month in the life of our church. On a daily basis, the Locust Valley Day School, directed by Annemarie Conn, uses our building for their 2-4 year old nursery school program. Likewise, the Clan Gordon Highlanders bagpipe band rehearses once a week in our Fellowship Hall. And, AA uses our hall twice a week for their meetings. On bi-monthly Wednesdays, our Associate Pastor, Susan Converse, leads a Bible Study group for anyone interested in joining an informative group discussion. In addition, on the 2nd Saturday of each month, our Locust Valley Comforters group gathers to lovingly make quilts which are donated to needy causes. During a week in October, a film company rented our Fellowship Hall for four days to feed their crew who was in the area filming a new Jennifer Lawrence movie. The Blessing of the Animals service was well attended and praised by community members and their pets. A volunteer from Cove Animal Rescue spoke about their work and was the recipient of pet supply donations provided by generous attendees. Thank you Judy McQuiston for organizing this annual service.

Church member, Steve Russell-Boerner, planned two activities to get us in the Halloween spirit. First, some of our children enjoyed a Sunday afternoon of pumpkin carving. In addition, on a Sunday evening, actor & playwright, Greg Oliver Bodine, recited the 1785 poem “Halloween” by Scotland's poet, Robert Burns. Much of how we celebrate Halloween is in large part thanks to this poem. The pioneers of our country brought these old customs, mingled with Paganism and Christianity. On the taking care of business side of things, our insurance company required that we have masonry work completed to repair cracks on our street sidewalk. Thank you George Smith for volunteering your time to work alongside a professional mason. There are some church members who quietly go about caring for our beautiful plantings as well as our Memorial Garden, where many community walkers get to enjoy a peaceful place to rest. Likewise, there’s the church member who uses her talent and beautifully decorates our bulletin boards in the Fellowship Hall. Though you want no recognition, we want you to know, we appreciate the time and effort all of you lovingly give to our church. Check the November calendar and join in; outside Fall cleanup, blessing of quilts for refugees service (handmade by our quilting group), Veteran’s Day service, hanging of the Christmas greens. Come be a part of the many uplifting church services and activities that will surely nourish your spirit!